ProPresenter:Edit Mode

This week one of our media folks contacted me to ask if I knew how to get ProPresenter to launch slides again. He said he was clicking them, but they wouldn’t launch on the external or primary monitors. Instead, they were simply selecting.

This one actually took me a while to figure out because like most things with ProPresenter, there is very little if any documentation on it. That said, let’s get started with this document.

If you look at the top left of your slide list, you’ll see a little icon of a lock (it may be locked or unlocked). If you’re having issues getting slides to launch, chances are this icon is showing "unlocked".

ProPresenter Slide lock unlocked

This effectively means you’re in edit mode instead of presentation mode (I’m making these terms up - they’re not official in the slightest).

If you are showing unlocked, simply click it to lock the presentation so you can launch slides again.

ProPresenter Slide lock locked

Uses for Edit Mode

Edit mode is great for building presentations. When in it, you can select multiple slides and drag them around to reorder them. If you aren’t in edit mode though and you need to move slides around on the fly, you’re in luck! Just press and hold the Ctrl key and you’ll see the "locked" icon temporarily switch to "unlocked". While you have the key pressed, you can click and drag slides around all you want. You can even select multiple and really start to mess things up quick!

ProPresenter Multiselect Move