ProPresenter:Action Hotkeys not Working

My church recently got a new Mac mini for our media computer (we used to have a Windows 7 machine). During setting this new system up, I realized that the ProPresenter action hotkeys didn’t work (eg: Clear all is F1, Clear foreground is F2, Clear backgrounds is F3, etc). I don’t know about you, but having hotkeys is a pretty priceless piece of efficient computing, especially if you’re running media in a fast-paced presentation environment. After a little research, I discovered that Apple, in their infinite wisdom (because that’s not an inflammatory statement), in fact disabled the OS functionality for the function keys and by default they control hardware functionality (eg: F1 and F2 control brightness, F3 does nothing, F4 does nothing, F5 does nothing, F6 does nothing…​getting the idea?). Here’s how you fix it.

Head on over to the System Preferences. In there, select Keyboard. There are two tabs in there (Keyboard and Keyboard shortcuts). If Keyboard isn’t selected, select it. On that page you should see a checkbox labeled "Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as as standard function keys". Check that box and all of your ProPresenter action hotkeys should work now (Yay!).

If anyone wants to look up my source for this, I found the solution in the Apple knowledge base here.