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masterRemove dangling commaAaron Ball8 weeks
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2018-10-22Remove dangling commaHEADmasterAaron Ball
2018-10-22Updated Profile sectionAaron Ball
2018-10-10Jeppesen: Added end dateAaron Ball
2018-10-10Updated ooo knowledge and git timeAaron Ball
2018-10-10Updated for Jeppesen skillsAaron Ball
2018-09-19Added Ansible to JeppesenAaron Ball
2018-05-07Removed a few items from Dish and DaVita to shortenAaron Ball
2018-05-07Updated Jeppesen with more informationAaron Ball
2017-10-21style:Reduced font 1 pxAaron Ball
2017-10-21resume:Updated author email.Aaron Ball

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