BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterInitial commit of oath-toolkit version 2.6.2Aaron Ball8 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
8 daysInitial commit of oath-toolkit version 2.6.2HEADmasterAaron Ball
8 daysInitial commit of gengetopt version 2.22.6Aaron Ball
2018-11-07syncthing:version from 0.14.51 to 0.14.52Aaron Ball
2018-11-07gnupg:version from 2.2.10 to 2.2.11Aaron Ball
2018-11-07tessdata_best:Initial commit of version 4.0Aaron Ball
2018-11-06i3lock:version from 2.10 to 2.11.1Aaron Ball
2018-11-06i3:version from 4.15 to 4.16Aaron Ball
2018-11-06tessdata:version from 3.04.00 to 4.0.0Aaron Ball
2018-11-06tesseract:version from 3.05.01 to 4.0.0Aaron Ball
2018-11-05wkhtmltopdf:Initial commitAaron Ball

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