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39 hoursUpdated header and footer with new matomo codeHEADmasterAaron Ball
2018-07-03style.css:Added line-through classAaron Ball
2018-07-03Linux:At the OfficeAaron Ball
2018-05-20Added cool, fun, and mostly useless things to do with linux v2Aaron Ball
2018-05-20Aol Email Hacked: Updated with latest goings onAaron Ball
2018-05-20index.php:small security fixAaron Ball
2018-05-20Updated what your server os says about you.Aaron Ball
2018-05-15aol email hacked: Fixed a few things to bring it up to dateAaron Ball
2018-02-11Merge branch 'benchmark-seagate-slim'Aaron Ball
2018-02-11Added Benchmark:Seagate Backup Slim Plus 1TBAaron Ball
2018-02-11Merge branch 'what-your-server-os'Aaron Ball
2018-02-11Added "What your server os says about you"Aaron Ball
2018-01-30cgit.css:Added source stylingAaron Ball
2017-12-02Moved all posts under src to new posts directoryAaron Ball
2017-10-16Scheduling jobs in Linux:fixt doctitle spellingAaron Ball
2017-10-16style:Added hover border highlight for index itemsAaron Ball
2017-10-15style.css:Updated header anchor stylesAaron Ball
2017-10-15bash:waitpid function:Added section headers and doc titleAaron Ball
2017-10-15style.css:More font style updatesAaron Ball
2017-10-15Added cc-sharealike logo, 88x31 pixelsAaron Ball
2017-10-15Changed content margins to 2%.Aaron Ball
2017-10-15style.css:fixed some colors and content marginsAaron Ball
2017-10-15style.css:main body background color changesAaron Ball
2017-10-15bash:waitpid_function:Added to index scripting sectionAaron Ball
2017-10-15Merge branch 'bash-waitpid'Aaron Ball
2017-10-15Wrote bash:waitpid functionAaron Ball
2017-10-15Merge branch 'git-automate-http-creds'Aaron Ball
2017-10-15Merge branch 'adoc-rename'Aaron Ball
2017-10-15Rename of .ascii files to .adocAaron Ball
2017-10-15Wrote git:secure automated http credentialsAaron Ball
2017-07-13Merge branch 'bench_pny_micro'Aaron Ball
2017-07-13Wrote pny_micro_sleep benchmarkAaron Ball
2017-07-13Commit of missing image from a very old postAaron Ball
2017-07-09cgit:Updated logo stylesAaron Ball
2017-07-09about:Updated contentAaron Ball
2017-07-09Added header links and various other changesAaron Ball
2017-07-09res/cgit.css:Updated hover styles for reposectionAaron Ball
2017-05-27footer:Update license text linksAaron Ball
2017-05-27footer:Updated license summary textAaron Ball
2017-05-10index.php:Added additional query string supportAaron Ball
2017-05-08Wrote Process:Versioning SchemesAaron Ball
2017-05-08Wrote bash:Mock Objects/CommandsAaron Ball
2017-01-18linux_dev:detecting escape char supportAaron Ball
2016-12-22Added linux dev escape char detection to linux sectionAaron Ball
2016-12-22Linux dev: detecting stdout escape char supportAaron Ball
2016-11-27Changed header logo from iohq to oper.ioAaron Ball
2016-10-27index:added linux_desktop:password_managementAaron Ball
2016-10-27css:Fixed mis-type of monospace familyAaron Ball
2016-10-27css:Updated global font to use dejavu sansAaron Ball
2016-10-14Android:My Phone configuration: Updated flym to sparssAaron Ball

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