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9 daysindex.adoc:Fix header levelsHEADmasterAaron Ball
9 daysindex.adoc:Update title to "Home"Aaron Ball
9 daysindex.php:Security and update logic for printing headerAaron Ball
9 daysFixed a few post header issuesAaron Ball
9 daysfix h2:first-child styling to style h1Aaron Ball
9 daysRemove doctitle specificationsAaron Ball
9 daysindex.php:Add title read from first line of fileAaron Ball
9 daysstyle:fix first h2 styling on hoverAaron Ball
9 daysstyle:Add styling for page titlesAaron Ball
9 daysstyle:Fix body-wrapper widthAaron Ball
9 daysstyle:Update footer stylingAaron Ball
9 daysstyle:increase base font size from 15 to 16pxAaron Ball
9 dayswhy linux is hard:updated summaryAaron Ball
9 dayswhy-linux-is-hard:small spelling and grammer fixesAaron Ball
9 dayswhy-linux-is-hard:Small copy updateAaron Ball
9 dayswhy-linux-is-hard:add neuroplasticity linkAaron Ball
9 daysAdded why linux is hard.Aaron Ball
10 dayschecking-dnsbl-lists:Whitespace change to trigger redeployAaron Ball
10 dayschecking-dnsbl-lists: Updated content to be easier to readAaron Ball
11 daysUpdate index with better DNSBL post titleAaron Ball
11 daysdnsbl-check:spelling fixAaron Ball
11 daysAdded dnsbl-check postAaron Ball
13 daysstyle:fix body max widthAaron Ball
2018-10-21style:post list color from teal to orangeAaron Ball
2018-10-19New header layoutAaron Ball
2018-10-17style.css:body padding 10% > 5%.Aaron Ball
2018-10-17style.css:Better padding for nav headerAaron Ball
2018-10-17style.css:nav gradient: darkened bottomAaron Ball
2018-10-17style.css:body-wrapper: add inset box shadowAaron Ball
2018-10-17style.css:slight layout changeAaron Ball
2018-10-17style.css:fix font-weight issue with headersAaron Ball
2018-10-17style:Fixed w3c spacing violationsAaron Ball
2018-10-15linux:non-root-suspend: Renamed two section headersAaron Ball
2018-10-15Update index with linux:non-root suspendAaron Ball
2018-10-15Added linux:non-root-suspendAaron Ball
2018-09-21Updated header and footer with new matomo codeAaron Ball
2018-07-03style.css:Added line-through classAaron Ball
2018-07-03Linux:At the OfficeAaron Ball
2018-05-20Added cool, fun, and mostly useless things to do with linux v2Aaron Ball
2018-05-20Aol Email Hacked: Updated with latest goings onAaron Ball
2018-05-20index.php:small security fixAaron Ball
2018-05-20Updated what your server os says about you.Aaron Ball
2018-05-15aol email hacked: Fixed a few things to bring it up to dateAaron Ball
2018-02-11Merge branch 'benchmark-seagate-slim'Aaron Ball
2018-02-11Added Benchmark:Seagate Backup Slim Plus 1TBAaron Ball
2018-02-11Merge branch 'what-your-server-os'Aaron Ball
2018-02-11Added "What your server os says about you"Aaron Ball
2018-01-30cgit.css:Added source stylingAaron Ball
2017-12-02Moved all posts under src to new posts directoryAaron Ball
2017-10-16Scheduling jobs in Linux:fixt doctitle spellingAaron Ball

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