AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-01-05sample.conf:Updated syntax to match what's loadedHEADmasterAaron Ball
2017-01-05Added detection for non-existent note directoryAaron Ball
2017-01-03TODO: Updated and changed from markdown to asciidocAaron Ball
2017-01-03Converted README file from markdown to asciidocAaron Ball
2017-01-02Merge branch 'ls-date'Aaron Ball
2017-01-02Implementation of last-modified date sortAaron Ball
2016-12-29Merge branch 'header_updates'Aaron Ball
2016-12-29Fixed license headersAaron Ball
2016-12-29Merge branch 'list_refactor'Aaron Ball
2016-12-29Refactored note_list process and all related codeAaron Ball
2015-04-25More cleanup of the note_list structAaron Ball
2015-04-25Rewrote the innards of the config structAaron Ball
2015-03-31Implemented extension removal from list operationsAaron Ball
2015-03-22Fixed scenario where no commands specifiedAaron Ball
2015-02-28Just removed additional newline on note searchAaron Ball
2015-02-26Trivial makefile cleanupAaron Ball
2015-02-26Added name set in note_new constructorAaron Ball
2015-02-26Fixed basename functionAaron Ball
2015-02-26Initial rewrite of find functionalityAaron Ball
2015-02-25Removed main cat_noteAaron Ball
2015-02-25Removed find command from READMEAaron Ball
2015-02-25Implemented noteless rm commandAaron Ball
2015-02-25Fixed various valgrind complaintsAaron Ball
2015-02-25Reimplemented create/new note functionalityAaron Ball
2015-02-25Changed note_list note names to include extensionsAaron Ball
2015-02-25Cleanup from previous commit (note_cat)Aaron Ball
2015-02-25Finished porting most of the cat functionalityAaron Ball
2015-02-24Added support for "cmd not found searching notes"Aaron Ball
2015-02-24Fixed bug in edit name matchAaron Ball
2015-02-24Refactor of "edit" functionalityAaron Ball
2015-02-23Wrote lots of common functionsAaron Ball
2015-02-23Increased efficacy of itoc int to char conversionAaron Ball
2015-02-23Wrote itoc common functionAaron Ball
2015-02-21Config change keys and values calloc to mallocAaron Ball
2015-02-21Changed get_help function to void returnAaron Ball
2015-02-21Enabled help commandAaron Ball
2015-02-21Initial refactor of note_list to cAaron Ball
2015-02-20Just c++ cleanup from previous commitAaron Ball
2015-02-20Implemented config parsingAaron Ball
2015-02-16Rewrite of MakefileAaron Ball
2015-02-16Initial renaming commit for refactor from c++ to cAaron Ball
2014-10-07Added unknown command or note name return 1Nullspoon
2014-09-30Implemented rm commandNullspoon
2014-09-25Fixed out of bound exception on no argumentsNullspoon
2014-09-11Updated the TODO fileNullspoon
2014-09-05Updated TODO listNullspoon
2014-09-05Fixed edit bug created by last commitNullspoon
2014-09-05Implemented better recursive note listingNullspoon
2014-09-05Updated the todo listNullspoon
2014-09-05Just added a comment to path::create()Nullspoon

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