AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-12-31Merge branch 'config'HEADv1.1-rc1masterAaron Ball
2017-12-31Integrated new config code into mainAaron Ball
2017-12-31Initial commit of config codeAaron Ball
2017-12-31Merge branch 'gitignore'Aaron Ball
2017-12-31Added gitignoreAaron Ball
2017-12-24Merge branch 'errno'v1.0Aaron Ball
2017-12-24Added errno support for better error messagesAaron Ball
2017-12-24Merge branch 'init'Aaron Ball
2017-12-24Updated makefile for init scriptAaron Ball
2017-12-24Initial commit of init scriptAaron Ball
2017-12-23Initial commit of luminous sourceAaron Ball

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