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2017-05-08CHANGES: updateHEADrelease-1.1.1masterJuergen Daubert
2017-05-08Makefile: bump version to 1.1.1, small improvementJuergen Daubert
2017-05-08revdep: replace deprecated readdir_r with readdirJames Buren
2017-05-08prtverify: check for .signature instead of .md5sum filesJuergen Daubert
2017-05-08prtverify: whitelist updateJuergen Daubert
2017-05-08prtverify: /usr/man is no longer a valid dirJuergen Daubert
2017-04-17prtcreate.1: remove Packager fieldFredrik Rinnestam
2017-04-17prtcreate: Dont add Packager fieldFredrik Rinnestam
2016-02-29revdep: use pkg-config to find the libraries needed to link against libelfDanny Rawlins
2016-02-24version bump to 1.1release-1.1Juergen Daubert
2016-02-24CHANGES: updateJuergen Daubert
2016-02-24revdep: new version 2.0James Buren
2016-01-30Fix shebang line for prtrejTilman Sauerbeck
2016-01-30revdep: When mmap()-ing a file, don't keep the fd around.Tilman Sauerbeck
2016-01-30Fix shebang lines for pkgexport and prtcheck.Tilman Sauerbeck
2015-09-29version bump to 1.0.2release-1.0.2Juergen Daubert
2015-09-29CHANGES: updateJuergen Daubert
2015-09-26portspage: escape spaces globalJuergen Daubert
2015-09-25pkgsize: allow spaces in filenamesJuergen Daubert
2015-09-25pkgsize: style fixesJuergen Daubert
2015-09-25pkgsize: style fixes (white spaces, indentations)Juergen Daubert
2015-09-25pkgsize: fix content-length evaluation and whitespacesJuergen Daubert
2015-09-25pkgsize: select port dirs from rsync and httpup and not sup filesJuergen Daubert
2015-07-29prtverify: allow /usr/share/man and /usr/man as man-page location for nowJuergen Daubert
2015-07-29Makefile: change MANDIR to /usr/share/manJuergen Daubert
2015-06-29pkgsize: is a bash not a shell script, change shebang to /bin/bashJuergen Daubert
2015-03-25version bump to 1.0.1release-1.0.1Juergen Daubert
2015-03-25CHANGES: updateJuergen Daubert
2015-03-14revdep: add support for ARMJames Buren
2015-03-12version bump to 1.0release-1.0Juergen Daubert
2015-03-12CHANGES: updateJuergen Daubert
2015-03-12Makefile: fix parallel buildJuergen Daubert
2015-03-12Makefile: adjustments for new revdep, use install instead of cp/mkdirJuergen Daubert
2015-03-12revdep: don't wipe the generated man page on make cleanJuergen Daubert
2015-03-12revdep: build a static binaryJuergen Daubert
2015-03-12revdep: new version written in C by James Buren, ryuo @ freenodeJuergen Daubert
2015-03-12revdep: removed, will be replace by a new versionJuergen Daubert
2014-11-23version bump to 0.9.8release-0.9.8Juergen Daubert
2014-11-23CHANGES: updateJuergen Daubert
2014-11-23prtverify: update version to 0.4.4Juergen Daubert
2014-11-12prtverify: 20_duplicated_deps: test to see if we have the same dependency mor...Juergen Daubert
2014-11-12findredundantdeps: small optimization of the gawk codeJuergen Daubert
2014-11-12findredundantdeps: fix for dependencies that are listed more than once in the...Juergen Daubert
2014-11-12prtverify: add /usr/share/info to invalid_dirsJuergen Daubert
2014-11-12prtverify: whitelist updateJuergen Daubert
2014-10-27prtverify: prtverify is a bash script, so change the shebang to /bin/bashJuergen Daubert
2014-02-20version bump to 0.9.7release-0.9.7Juergen Daubert
2014-02-20CHANGES: updateJuergen Daubert
2014-02-20revdep: fix false errors for libraries in non-standard locationsMatt Housh
2013-07-24prtwash: default compression mode should be .gz not .xz, reported by Maximili...Juergen Daubert

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