AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-17readd bz2 support - don't commit while drunkHEADmasterFredrik Rinnestam
2018-04-10pkgadd: add lzip support (closes FS#1638)Fun
2018-03-25faster strip_files() functionFun
2018-02-14pkgutils 5.40.7pkgutils-5.40.7Fredrik Rinnestam
2018-02-07pkgmk: dropped bzip2 support, added support for lzipFredrik Rinnestam
2018-01-27pkgadd.conf: Don't overwrite rc.d/wlan on updateFredrik Rinnestam
2017-11-30bump versionpkgutils-5.40.6Fredrik Rinnestam
2017-11-30pkgmk: use --compression=none for wget by default.Fredrik Rinnestam
2017-09-20bump versionpkgutils-5.40.5Fredrik Rinnestam
2017-09-20Add JOBS to pkgmk.confjust_fun
2017-09-20pkgmk: fix the up-to-date option (avoid unnecesarry rebuilds)just_fun
2017-09-20pkgmk: dont export PKG, SRC FS#1367Fredrik Rinnestam
2017-09-19bump version to 5.40.4pkgutils-5.40.4Fredrik Rinnestam
2017-09-19cleanupFredrik Rinnestam
2017-09-19added sepen's patch for pkgadd config-fileFredrik Rinnestam
2017-09-19pkgadd: avoid fake installations if unpacking failsjust_fun Add 7z to unpack_source functionPredrag Ivanovic
2017-05-08pkgutils-5.40.3pkgutils-5.40.3Fredrik Rinnestam
2017-04-19pkgmk: update .md5sum if present (even when the port was signed)just_fun
2017-04-08bump Makefile versionpkgutils-5.40.2Fredrik Rinnestam
2017-04-05pkgmk: ignore md5sums unless signatures are missingFredrik Rinnestam
2017-02-28pkgmk: Remove check for empty $source in check_signature(), patch by just_funJuergen Daubert
2017-02-28pkgadd: fix deprecated warning, patch by tnutJuergen Daubert
2017-02-23pkgmk: Removed checking for in make_signature()pkgutils-5.40.1Fredrik Rinnestam
2017-02-23Fixed various style errors and some typos. Patch by Camille (onodera).Fredrik Rinnestam
2017-02-18pkgmk: don't assume file will print a ',' with future releasesFredrik Rinnestam
2017-02-18pkgmk: Actually strip executables and objects. Patch by Roman OreshnikovFredrik Rinnestam
2017-02-08pkgmk.conf: include PKGMK_IGNORE_MD5SUM and PKGMK_IGNORE_SIGNATURE variablesFredrik Rinnestam
2017-02-07signify related updates to pkgmk.8.inFredrik Rinnestam
2017-02-07updated copyright to 2017Fredrik Rinnestam fix typo in the help textThomas Penteker
2016-10-05update copyright yearJuergen Daubert
2016-10-04pkgmk: extract archives with tar.lz extensionJuergen Daubert
2016-08-06Merge branch 'signed'Thomas Penteker
2016-08-06pkgmk.8: minor documentation adjustmentssignedThomas Penteker
2016-06-15Makefile: bump version to 5.40pkgutils-5.40Fredrik Rinnestam
2016-04-21document new command-line switches in pkgmk.8Thomas Penteker
2016-04-08clean ups and -cs now checks the signature even if the binary package is alre...Thomas Penteker
2016-04-07fix indentation even moreThomas Penteker
2016-04-02implement proper fallback with/without PKGMK_IGNORE_MD5SUM and PKGMK_IGNORE_S...Thomas Penteker
2016-04-02fix indentation, remove --insecure and no-check-certificate from curl and wge...Thomas Penteker
2016-03-28strip -x from shebangThomas Penteker
2016-03-28implement signature handling; yes indenting is brokenThomas Penteker
2015-07-29Makefile: change man-page location to /usr/share/manJuergen Daubert
2015-07-25bump version to 5.36pkgutils-5.36Juergen Daubert
2015-07-25pkgmk.conf: add PKGMK_CURL_OPTS variableJuergen Daubert
2015-07-25Makefile: compress tarball with xzJuergen Daubert
2015-07-25pkgmk: add support for curlAlan Mizrahi
2014-03-23bump version to 5.35.6pkgutils-5.35.6Juergen Daubert
2014-03-23pkgadd.conf: allow update of /etc/ssl/cert.pem provided by core/ca-certificatesJuergen Daubert

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