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2018-04-13ChangeLog: remove duplicate entryHEADmasterJuergen Daubert
2018-04-13doc/handbook: update CRUX version to 3.4Juergen Daubert
2018-04-13ChangeLog: initial update for CRUX 3.4Juergen Daubert
2018-01-20Updated kernel to version 4.14.14Matt Housh
2017-11-24Updated kernel to 4.9.61, added parallel kernel build, added rootfs-clean to ...Matt Housh
2017-11-24Removed extra tmpfs from initramfs, limited size of newroot tempfsMatt Housh
2017-11-24Updated packages.opt and iso/setup.dependenciesMatt Housh
2017-08-15Added shared-mime-info to packages.opt, updated iso/setup.dependenciesMatt Housh
2017-02-27Makefile: add file to ISO_PACKAGES, nano depends on itJuergen Daubert
2017-02-19Updated busybox config fileMatt Housh
2017-02-11ChangeLog: added installation/bootkernel notes and set release date for 3.3release-3.3Matt Housh
2017-02-11Updated kernel to 4.9.6, added libinput and xorg-xf86-input-libinput, updated...Matt Housh
2017-02-07ChangeLog: added kernel versionJuergen Daubert
2017-02-07ChangeLog: initial update for 3.2Juergen Daubert
2016-11-18Updated iso/setup.dependencies and packages.xorgMatt Housh
2016-11-17Updated kernel to 4.4.30, UEFI and 3.2 -> 3.3 text updates, inject xorg-libxf...Matt Housh
2016-10-27Updated kernel to 4.4.27, tweaked grub2 boot menu colorsMatt Housh
2016-08-01Added hid-{generic,apple,logitech-dj} to initramfs, updated kernel to 4.4.16,...Matt Housh
2016-06-19Added autoconf-2.13 to packages.opt, updated iso/setup.dependencies, small Ma...Matt Housh
2016-03-01Removed gstreamer and gst-plugins-base from packages.opt, updated iso/setup.d...Matt Housh
2016-03-01Revert "Added cdparanoia, libogg, libtheora, libvisual, libvorvis, and orc to...Matt Housh
2016-03-01Added cdparanoia, libogg, libtheora, libvisual, libvorvis, and orc to package...Matt Housh
2016-02-29Removed virtio_blk and deps from initramfs.lst (builtin now)Matt Housh
2016-02-29Updated kernel to 4.1.18Matt Housh
2015-11-22ChangeLog: added release daterelease-3.2Juergen Daubert
2015-11-18ChangeLog: update for rc5Juergen Daubert
2015-11-16Updated iso/setup.dependencies and packages.opt for elilo->grub2-efi switch3.2-rc5Matt Housh
2015-11-12Updated iso/setup.dependencies3.2-rc4Matt Housh
2015-11-12Updated kernel to 4.1.13Matt Housh
2015-11-09ChangeLog: removed opt/procmail from updates listMatt Housh
2015-11-09ChangeLog: updateJuergen Daubert
2015-11-09packages.opt: removed procmailJuergen Daubert
2015-11-08ChangeLog: updateJuergen Daubert
2015-11-07ChangeLog: updateJuergen Daubert
2015-11-07ChangeLog: initial update for 3.2Juergen Daubert
2015-11-01setup-helper: inject xorg-libxxf86vm if mesa3d is installedFredrik Rinnestam
2015-10-28packages.xorg: added mtdevJuergen Daubert
2015-10-28setup-helper: inject mtdev if xorg-xf86-input-evdev is installedJuergen Daubert
2015-10-23Removed duplicate pata_netcell line from initramfs.lst3.2-rc3Matt Housh
2015-10-23setup-helper: inject dbus if wpa_supplicant is installedJuergen Daubert
2015-10-21setup-helper: inject gtk3, at-spi2-core, at-spi2-atk, dbus if firefox is inst...Matt Housh
2015-10-20Updated kernel to Housh
2015-10-20Added efivar, cryptsetup, start-stop-daemon to ISO packagesMatt Housh
2015-10-20Added gtk3, cryptsetup, and deps to packages.optMatt Housh
2015-10-20Updated CRUX version in motd and grub.cfgMatt Housh
2015-10-20Removed /proc and /sys mounts from ISO fstab, automatic nowMatt Housh
2015-10-20Switched CONFIG_USB_HID to builtin for better USB keyboard support during bootMatt Housh
2015-09-29Switched back to prebuilt syslinux, removed tcp_wrappers from ISO package list3.2-rc1Matt Housh
2015-09-27Added udpated kernel configsMatt Housh
2015-09-25More updates for upcoming 3.2 releaseMatt Housh

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