compat-32.gitMirror of Crux compat-32 repo 6 weekssummarylogtree
contrib.gitMirror of Crux contrib repo 3 weekssummarylogtree
core.gitMirror of Crux core repo 6 weekssummarylogtree
enlightenment.gitMirror of Crux enlightenment repo 6 weekssummarylogtree
opt.gitMirror of Crux opt repo 6 weekssummarylogtree
xfce.gitMirror of Crux xfce repo 6 weekssummarylogtree
xorg.gitMirror of Crux xorg repo 6 weekssummarylogtree
iso.gitMirror of Crux iso repo 4 dayssummarylogtree
pkg-get.gitMirror of Crux pkg-get repo 6 weekssummarylogtree
pkgutils.gitMirror of Crux pkgutils repo 6 weekssummarylogtree
prt-utils.gitMirror of Crux prt-utils repo 6 weekssummarylogtree
webtools.gitMirror of Crux webtools repo 6 weekssummarylogtree
linux-firmware.gitMirror of linux-firmware. Contains Linux firmware images 14 dayssummarylogtree
andbackup.gitShell script that performs Android backups and restores. 3 monthssummarylogtree
bin.gitNullspoon's collection of handy bin scripts and tonics 6 weekssummarylogtree
cnetbench.gitA protocol-agnostic network benchmarking tool written in C. 19 monthssummarylogtree
crypttab.gitBasic crypt-device mounting script 10 monthssummarylogtree
ctimer.gitA useful command line timer written in C. 19 monthssummarylogtree
dd-bench.gitBash script to benchmark Linux storage devices. Uses dd. 18 monthssummarylogtree
forkload.gitRudimentary load testing script written in bash 12 monthssummarylogtree
git-deploy-cache.gitBash script to deploy a working copy of a bare repo to a temporary location. 19 monthssummarylogtree
gitaccess.gitScripts to manage git repository access 5 monthssummarylogtree
ircbot.gitC-based irc bot 16 monthssummarylogtree
ircmsg.gitBash script using bash sockets to send messages to an irc server. 15 monthssummarylogtree
keymanage.gitA batch ssh key manager written in bash 16 monthssummarylogtree
linux-cleaner.gitA Linx system generalizer to prep for problem-free cloning 9 monthssummarylogtree
mkinitramfs.gitGenerates a custom initrd image. Written in bash. 4 monthssummarylogtree
mutt-outlook-compat.gitProgramatically repairs mangled plain-text emails sent by Outlook clients. 19 monthssummarylogtree
netexpand.gitExpands the specified ipv4 netmask into a list of all IPs within. 19 monthssummarylogtree
noteless.gitNoteless provides a simple command line interface to note taking. 7 monthssummarylogtree code and content for 5 weekssummarylogtree
palindrome_finder.gitFinds the longest palindrome in the specified file. 9 monthssummarylogtree
portimg.gitPortimg uses Crux port-like system for creating software deployment images. 7 weekssummarylogtree
ports.gitNullspoon ports repo 4 dayssummarylogtree
ramdir.gitCreates a reverse-syncing ram drive of any directory 8 weekssummarylogtree
remoteinfo.gitCGI program written in c that prints information about the connecting browser 17 monthssummarylogtree
resume.gitAaron Ball resume 2 monthssummarylogtree
terminus.gitTerminus tracks shell login activity and executes a command if a time threshold ...19 monthssummarylogtree
vmgr.gitA cloning management interface to virsh 18 monthssummarylogtree

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