Librem 5: Tracker Store High CPU

Today I reflashed my Librem 5 Evergreen with a "beta" (unofficial status I think) of the upcoming Byzantium release. I noticed very quickly that my phone was getting pretty warm (44 °C / 111 °F according to the sensors). With that, I went looking to see what might be causing the mischief.

And guess what? I was able to because this phone is running pure linux!

A quick look at htop and ps (again, because I can), and I found that a service named tracker-store was consistently consuming between about 60% and 100% of one of my cores. I looked it up. It turns out that the tracker utils are a set of programs that exist to index the filesystem and metadata (which to be honest I don't want, but it's part of gnome I believe).

A little digging and I happened upon this StackExchange question that said to run the following to fix things.

tracker reset --hard

Sure enough, that did the trick! According to powertop (because yet again, I can) my CPU is consuming about 400-800 mW during idle at around 35-37 °C / 97-99 °F.

Thanks Purism!

Last edited: 2021-07-20 23:49:30 UTC