Librem 5:Epiphany Display Bug

If you're one of the very lucky folks to receive your Librem 5 Evergreen, you may notice the following display bug when using the stock PureOS browser, Epiphany (also known as Gnome Web).


I originally just figured it was a bug with Epiphany interracting with Wayland, the display manager (replacement for Xorg kind of). After a couple of days and a few updates with no fixes and no questions about it on the Purism forums, I started troubleshooting myself.

Long story short, I think what happened was at build time someone used my phone during assembly to verify everything was working and some bad configs got written somewhere. To fix this issue just run:

rm -r ~/.config/epiphany ~/.cache/epiphany

Warning: That will delete any configurations and caches stored for Epiphany on your phone, though if it wasn't working to begin with, you likey don't have many.

Last edited: 2020-12-28 23:58:41 UTC