Running Load Tests with a Remote VSTS Controller and Associated Agent

Running a multi-agent load test isn’t too complicated, compliments of Visual Studio Team Suite. Assuming you have a controller/agent environment set up, running the actual test requires a bit of modification to the test project so the local test machine doesn’t run the test itself; rather it runs them on a remote machine (the controller and its agents). To set this up…​

Load in your test project

01 Open Test

  • At the top of the window, select Test → Edit Test Run Configurations → Local Test Run (localtestrun.testrunconfig) + 02 Edit Test Run Configurations

  • Select Controller and Agent at the top left. Select the ''Remote'' radio button. Select the controller. + 03 Select Controller

  • Click Apply. Once you have selected Apply, you will receive a prompt saying + 04 Answer Prompt

  • Click Ok

  • Click Close

Once all of that is done, it’s time to run your test. You’ll notice that once your test has been run, at the bottom left side of the results you’ll see a reference to the remote controller and that it controlled X many agents.

Happy Testing!