Linux:Symantec Vip Access

If your company has a vpn and like to have the illusion of security, they may use two-factor authentication to gain access to the vpn (as if certs weren’t good enough, we’ve got to use proprietary algorithms with who knows how many backdoors.

You may be experiencing issues with this if you’re running linux. You may also be experiencing issues if you don’t want to sacrifice 40G of hard drive space to a Windows virtual machine. If you fit into either or both of these categories, this is the post for you. It turns out, that we can finale.lly get Symantec VIP Access to run on Linux through wine.

The trick…​ (because I don’t have time to write this full post)

winetricks wsh57

THEN run the installer.

To be continued. It still won’t generate a key or even open after this. Installation works fine though