Installing KDE 4.6 in Debian

Installing KDE on Debian is a pretty simple task. Getting the latest and greatest of KDE (or anything), is another matter especially if you want it from a repository.

I searched around the interwebs for some time before stumbling upon the Debian QT/KDE team site. As it turns out, there is actually a repo for the latest of KDE, saving all of us quite a bit of time compiling the .deb files for an entire GUI. Thankfully, setup and installation is a breeze (thanks apt-get). First you need to add the repo to your sources.list file. To do this, crack open your favorite editor (mine is vi) and edit the following file


Once you’re in the file, add the following lines:

deb experimental-snapshots main
deb-src experimental-snapshots main

Save your sources.list file and run the following commands:

aptitude install pkg-kde-archive-keyring apt-get update

Finally, we install the latest version of KDE

apt-get install kde

And that’s it. Add the repo to your sources.list file, get the repo key, update, and install. Beats the pants off of compiling it yourself, huh (especially when you’re doing it on a machine like mine)?

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