Hello all,

For those of you who foam at the mouth to get your hands on the latest and greatest copy of a certain software, specifically in this case Gimp, you might have interest here.

I recently read a post on the Gimp website that said Gimp would finally be moving to a single window with docks and away from it’s flying free method where your tools are in their own windows that can be put anywhere. That being said, I am quite eager to get a look at 2.8. Sadly though, 2.8 is not available yet(as far as I know at least). Version 2.7 is still in beta, but it IS in beta.  :)


Here’s how we install it on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx

Crack open a terminal and type

sudo apt-add-repository  ppa:matthaeus123/mrw-gimp-svn

After you’ve added that repository, type…​

sudo apt-get update

Once our list of repositories is updated, let’s install gimp 2.7

sudo apt-get install gimp

That’s it! Enjoy all the new functionality.

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