Hyper-V and Vista

Today I built out 8 more servers for our dev team. We have a blade server hosting all of this with Hyper-V. Here’s what my picture looks like…​

I log into my Vista work machine, use terminal services to log into the blade and open up Hyper-V Manager. From there I connect to the machine via Hypervisor console.

Essentially, I have a remote window inside of a remote window. Naturally, mouse and keyboard key sends are at less-than-desireable speeds. My hopeful solution: Hyper-V management console on Vista.

Over the last year or so I have been hearing talks about how one could not install Hypervisor on Vista so naturally my hopes were already somewhat crushed. Despite the dire situation, I started the search (thanks Google) and much to my suprise, with Vista SP1 Microsoft released a patch (KB952627) to install the Hyper-V Console through Windows Update (thank you Microsoft).

Here are the links (Windows authenticity check required)

Once the management console is installed, you should be able to remotely connect to your server with Hyper-V.

Once again, thank you Microsoft for a very satisfying product.