Empathy Accounts Dialog Won't Launch

I am currently working on a blog post on how to build a non-linux user friendly-ish laptop (something similar to Ubuntu in software sets) using Arch Linux (I know, not exactly the best of ideas). In this process, I installed Empathy, a multi-medium instant messenger. When I tried to add an account however, I ran into a strange issue that gave me very ambiguous errors (which I unfortunately forgot to copy). After searching around, I stumbled upon this forum thread that solved my problem. The issue is that in Arch Linux, installing Empathy doesn’t automagically install telepathy, a framework for real time conversation (the project page can be found here). To fix this issue, we simply need to install telepathy.

pacman -S telepathy

And with that, give Empathy a reboot (three times). I found unfortunately however that Empathy has a process that likes to hang behind even after quitting the application. Just run an ol' ps -ef | grep empathy and kill the pid and you should be golden.

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