Cell Provider Comparison

A few years ago, I was researching cell phone providers, and noticed a distinct lack of real information for an accurate comparison. It seems that everyone’s monthly rates are comprised of different numbers; they charge up front for the phones, or they don’t, or they kind of do; all of the devices cost different amounts between the different providers; etc. The only real number that was of any use, was calculating the total 24 month cost (the duration of a contract, whether they say they have them or not), since in the end that’s what really mattered. Consequently, I decided to build myself a spreadsheet containing all of this information in an attempt to gather it all in one useful place.

A few Preliminary Notes

  • The information in this spreadsheet should be accurate as of 2014.12.22.

  • The T-Mobile "Monthly Cost (no phone)" cell is accurate up to three phones because I haven’t written the logic into the cell to handle more than that.

  • Each cell who’s value isn’t immediately obvious most likely has a comment. Please hover over the cell to see each comment for more information.

  • Each of the values that has something to do with a phone compares the LG G3 where possible for as accurate a comparison as possible.

The Files